School Accountability Committee


What is SAC?
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Bring Your "SAC" Lunch to SAC!
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

  • 9/19/23
  • 11/14/23
  • 1/23/24
  • 3/12/24
  • 5/7/24

NE SAC Members 2023-2024

Lara Bennett, Principal

[email protected]

Abbey Butcher, Parent Representative and SAC Chairperson

[email protected] 

Breanna Jones, Teacher Representative TBD, Community Representative Amy Mann, Parent and PTO Representative Aofie McArdle, Parent Representative Amanda Buser, Parent Representative/DAC Representative Bridget Rodgers, Parent Representative Nicole Ruddy, Parent Representative

SAC Agendas - Please visit the link below:


SAC Meeting Minutes - Please visit the link below:

More information about the District Accountability Committee (DAC) linked HERE.